RYA Jetski Instructor Training

RYA Jetski (PWC) Instructor Courses:

Jetski Instructor Training Poole Harbour

On Completion of the course a PWC Instructor can teach the below courses from an RYA Training Centre:


- 1 day RYA PWC Proficiency Course

- Introduction to Personal Watercraft Safety Course (onboard a RYA recognised Superyacht)


Course duration: 3 days



  • RYA PWC Proficiency certificate
  • RYA First Aid certificate (or as per RYA approved list (click here), if stcw needs to be within 5 Years)
  • 2 Years PW Riding Experience and a competent Powerboat driver
  • RYA Membership (join by clicking the link below) or certificate fee
  • 16 years or older

Course fees:

3 day course** = £495-00pp including use of a PWC 


**Please note a minimum of 3 instructor students are required to be able to run this course. In the unlikely event we are unable to meet this requirement we will contact you regarding changing your course date or offer you a full refund. 


We will commonly run a 1 day PWC Proficiency Course the day before a 3 day Instructor Course.


The total price for a 1 Day PWC Proficiency + 3 Day PW Instructor Course = £645

Course dates & Bookings:

Instructor Courses are organised on a demand basis and therefore we are flexible on dates. Our next scheduled Course date are below but please call us to confirm these dates or see if any alternative courses have been arranged.


Next Scheduled Dates :



March: -
Wednesday 7th- Friday 9th & Wednesday 21st - Friday 23rd


April: -

Tuesday 10th - Thursday 12th & Tuesday 24th - Thursday 26th


May: -

Wednesday 9th - Friday 11th & Tuesday 22nd - Thursday 24th


June: -

Tuesday 12th - Thursday 14th


September: - 

Tuesday 25th - Thursday 27th


October: - 

Tuesday 16th - Thursday 18th


November: - 

Tuesday 13th - Thursday 15th






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